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interfacesabstract-gik-task-2.7JRL abstract interface for generalized inverse kinematics tasks.
interfacesabstract-robot-dynamics-1.20r1JRL abstract interface for dynamic robot model.
middlewareace-6.0.4r1The ADAPTATIVE Communication Environment ACE(tm)
sysutilsalog-0.5a simple log data viewing tool
imageartoolkitplus-2.1.1r4Physical markers localization in real time
pathaspect-genom-0.1Aspect map on the base of laser data
graphicsassimp-3.0.1270Portable library to import various well-known 3D model formats
mathblas-3.1.0Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (Fortran)
graphicsblender-2.69r1Fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite
develboost-build-1.52.0Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (Boost.Build framework)
docboost-docs-1.52.0Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (documentation)
develboost-headers-1.52.0Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (build-time headers)
develboost-jam-1.52.0Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (Boost.Jam utility)
develboost-libs-1.52.0Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (binary libraries)
develboost-log-1.1C++ logging library
mathboost-numeric-bindings-v1-20100322C++ bindings for LAPACK and BLAS libraries.
mathboost-numeric-bindings-20101109C++ bindings for LAPACK and BLAS libraries.
meta-pkgsboost-1.52.0Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
simulationbullet-2.81Collision detection, soft body and rigid body dynamics library
archiversbzip2-1.0.5Block-sorting file compressor
audioclone-genom-0.2r13D Animated speaking head - genom component
graphicscoldman-genom-1.3r1Display collision detection information
graphicscoldman-libs-1.4COLision Detection for MANipulation
graphicscollada-dom-2.3.1r2C++ object representation of a COLLADA XML instance document
sysutilsconsole-bridge-0.2.7ROS logging for ROS-independent applications
hardwarecontec-pio32-headers-1.0header files for Contec PIO32 kernel interface
hardwarecontec-pio32-kmod-1.0r1Kernel driver for Contec PIO32 PCI card
motioncontlaw-1.0Control laws for wheeled robots with optional trailers
imagecoriander-2.0.0rc6r1Graphical user interface for controlling FireWire cameras
develcortex-sdk-1.0.3Cortex Software Development Kit.
hardwarecwiid-0.6.00Tools for interfacing to the Nintendo Wiimote
meta-pkgslaas-dala-20120302Dala Software
docdemo-genom-0.1sample GenoM module used in the tutorial
speechdialogs-0.9Natural language processor for human-robot interaction
pkgtoolsdigest-20080510Message digest wrapper utility
mappingdtm-genom-1.5Digital Terrain Model Construction - GenoM component
motiondynamic-graph-corba-2.5.1r2Corba server, client and signals for dynamic-graph
motiondynamic-graph-2.5.5r1Efficient data-flow C++ library for robotics
matheigen2-2.0.15a C++ template library for linear algebra
matheigen3-3.0.0r1a C++ template library for linear algebra
shelleltclsh-1.14r1Interactive shell for the TCL programming language.
netevart-client-2.2EVa Real-Time Software data streaming API.
netevart-stream-2.1EVa Real-Time Software data streaming server.
audiofestival-1.96Festival Speech Synthesis System
audiofestlex-cmu-1.96CMU American English pronunciation dictionary
audiofestlex-poslex-1.96English lexicon suitable for use with Festival
audiofestvox-cmu-us-awb-arctic-hts-20041209CMU ARCTIC voice by AWB
hardwarefh2805-libs-1.0Driver and interface for Faulhaber 2805 motor controller
robotsfingers-genom-1.0Jido fingers control module - Genom componenent
graphicsflann-1.7.1Fast approximate nearest neighbor search for high dimension
hardwareforce-genom-1.1.1GenoM module for the JR3 90M31A force sensor management.
mathfsqp-2.5dFeasible Sequential Quadratic Programming
mathgbM-0.11Geometry for 6R arms
develgbx-flexiport-1.0.0r1Gearbox Flexiport (interface for a range of data port types)
hardwaregbx-hokuyo-aist-2.0.0Gearbox Hokuyo AIST driver
develgbx-share-10.11Gearbox (shared files)
graphicsgdhe-3.8.3r13D Visualization tools
meta-pkgsgearbox-10.11Opensource, peer-reviewed, robotic software tools (meta package)
interfacesgenBasic-genom-0.4r1Common simple data structures for GenoM modules
interfacesgenHum-genom-1.1r1Common data structures for human models
manipulationgenManip-genom-0.9Common manipulation-related structures for GenoM modules
architecturegenom-2.12Software components generator for robotics architecture.
interfacesgenPos-genom-0.3r1Common position-related data structures for GenoM
mathgeometric-tools-5p7r1Geometric tools for mathematics, physics, graphics, imagics
localizationGPS-genom-1.6GenoM module for GPS management
hardwareGPSNovatel-1.7Driver and interface for GPS Novatel
graphicsgrh2-2.1r32D graphical interface for Hilare 2 robots
speechgspeett-1.2Python client for the Google Speech-To-Text API
localizationgyro-genom-0.3r1GenoM module for gyro management
hardwaregyro-libs-2.1Driver and interface for KVH FOG gyros
hardwaregyroKVH1000-1.4Driver and interface for gyroKVH1000
hardwaregyroKVH5000-1.4Driver and interface for gyroKVH5000
pathhpp-constrained-corba-1.0.0r1Humanoid Path Planner (CORBA server for planning on constrained manifolds)
pathhpp-constrained-planner-1.0.1Humanoid Path Planner (Humanoid motion planning on constrained manifolds)
pathhpp-constrained-1.3Humanoid Path Planner (Motion planning on constrained manifolds)
pathhpp-corbaserver-2.5Humanoid Path Planner (Corba server for Humanoid Path Planner)
pathhpp-core-2.7.3Humanoid Path Planner (interface with KineoWorks(tm))
dochpp-doc-2.1HPP Project documentation.
pathhpp-dynamic-obstacle-1.0Path planning for environments with moving obstacles
pathhpp-environment-data-1.0Humanoid Path Planner (Environments for path planning)
mathhpp-geometry-1.3.2Humanoid Path Planner (Extension of Kineo collision detector with capsules)
pathhpp-gik-2.10.1Humanoid Path Planner (Generalized Inverse Kinematics for humanoid robots)
pathhpp-hik-2.0.1Solver of hierarchical linear inequality and equality constraints
pathhpp-kwsio-1.2Humanoid Path Planner (Input and Output functions for KineoWorks(tm) package.)
pathhpp-kwsplus-2.4.1Humanoid Path Planner (Helper functions for KineoWorks(tm) package.)
pathhpp-localstepper-1.1.1Whole-body motion planning for humanoid robot with steps
pathhpp-model-urdf-0.4.5Humanoid Path Planner (parse urdf files for Kineo)
pathhpp-model-2.4.3Humanoid Path Planner (robots, joints and bodies with dynamics properties)
pathhpp-openhrp-1.9Basic classes used as interfaces with OpenHRP(tm).
pathhpp-roboptim-1.0.1r1Humanoid Path Planner (Link between planning and optimization packages)
middlewarehpp-template-corba-1.1.3Humanoid Path Planner (CORBA server factory)
pathhpp-util-0.8.0Humanoid Path Planner (utility tools)
pathhpp-walkfootplanner-2.4Collision free walk path planning for a humanoid robot.
pathhpp-walkplanner-3.7Path planning algorithm for a walking humanoid robot.
pathhpp-wholebody-step-corba-0.2r1Humanoid Path Planner (CORBA server and client for whole-body walk planning)
pathhpp-wholebody-step-planner-1.0Humanoid Path Planner (Whole-body walk planning for humanoid robots)
pathhpp-worldmodelplanner-1.0Path planner in probabilistic, 3D occupancy grid
meta-pkgshpp-20120103Meta-package for the Humanoid Path Planner
mathhrp2-10-optimized-1.0.2Optimized implementation of HRP2-10 dynamics.
robotshrp2-10-1.1Data and functions specific to HRP2-10
robotshrp2-14-1.8r1Data and functions specific to HRP2-14.
mathhrp2-dynamics-1.5.3Optimized implementation of functions related to HRP-2 dynamics.
localizationhueblob-genom-1.4GenoM module for simple object detection and localization
localizationimu-genom-0.2r1GenoM module for IMU management.
localizationinsitu-1.3Sensor location management library.
pkgtoolsinstall-sh-20070712install script compatible with the BSD install program
optimizationipopt-3.6.1Interior Point OPTimizer, pronounced I-P-Opt
imagejafar-correl-0.3Jafar image correlation functions
graphicsjafar-gdhe-0.1r3Jafar module to talk to a GDHE server
imagejafar-image-2.3Jafar basic image processing based on OpenCV
mathjafar-jmath-0.5Jafar mathematical tools (vector, matrix, random number ...)
develjafar-kernel-0.6Jafar common tools (exceptions, logging facility ...)
meta-pkgsjafar-20130522Jafar is A Framework for Algorithms development in Robotics
knowledgejena-2.6.4Java framework for building Semantic Web applications
hardwarejidogrip-libs-1.1.1(no description)
robotsjloco-genom-1.2Jido locomotion module - Genom component
hardwarejr3-kmod-1.0r1Kernel driver for the JR3 force sensor PCI acquisition card
mathjrl-dynamics-1.24JRL-Japan implementation of dynamic robot.
interfacesjrl-mal-1.19.4Matrix abstraction layer for boost or vnl.
mathjrl-mathtools-1.5.2r2Basic mathematical tools used in the JRL software
develjrl-modelloader-1.4r1CORBA server for VRML model loader.
pathjrl-walkgen-3.1.8Walk pattern generator for the HRP-2 humanoid robot.
develjsoncpp-0.5.0JSON parser, serialization and unserialization library
langjython-2.5.3b1Implementation of the Python language written in Java.
graphicskpp-interfacedisplay-1.0.2Graphical user interface for robotics components based on Kineo
graphicskpp-interfacestep-0.3Humanoid Path Planner (Graphical user interface for hpp-wholebody-step-planner)
graphicskpp-interfacewalk-1.13Graphical user interface for hppWalkPlanner libraries.
graphicskpp-interface-2.1.2Humanoid Path Planner (Graphical user interface for HPP libraries.)
graphicslaaswm-libs-1.2Library allowing to control windows in laaswm
graphicslaaswm-1.2Remotely controllable window manager based on evilwm
mathlapack-3.1.0r2Linear Algebra PACKage.
archiverslibarchive-2.8.4Library to read/create different archive formats
imagelibdc1394_1-1.2.1Programming interface to control IEEE 1394 based cameras
imagelibdc1394-2.1.2Programming interface to control IEEE 1394 based cameras
mappinglibdtm-1.4r1Digital Terrain Modeling lib
devellibedit-3.1r20140620Generic line editing and history functions.
netlibfetch-2.33.1Library to access HTTP/FTP server
hardwarelibftdi-0.19interface to ftdi USB device devices
imagelibimages3d-3.4r3Three dimensional image definition
middlewarelibjyarp-2.3.22r1Java bindings for YARP
mathliblbfgs-1.10Solver for unconstrainted minimization problems
pkgtoolslibnbcompat-20120702r1Portable NetBSD compatibility library
knowledgeliboro-1.1r1C++ interface to the oro-server ontology server.
pathlibp3d-1.4r1Local 3D path planning on a digital elevation map
localizationlibpom-1.2Global robot position management library.
imagelibraw1394-2.0.4Provide access to the raw IEEE1394 bus
imagelibstereopixel-1.5Stereo-vision by pixel correlation
netlibtclserv_client-0.5r1Run-time for GeNoM module tclserv client
pkgtoolslibtool-2.2.6bGeneric shared library support script
motionlocoDemo-genom-1.5Demo/simulation locomotion module - Genom component
devellog4cxx-0.10.0Log4cxx is a port to C++ of the Log4j project
archiverslz4-121r1Extremely Fast Compression algorithm
robotsmana-emergency-0.2.1Interface library for the Mana robot emergency stop
meta-pkgslaas-mana-20120223Mana Software
mappingmapkit-1.02D, segment-based map building tools
mathmeschach-1.2bLibrary of C Routines for Matrix Computations
editorsmg-20110905tiny emacs-like text editor
meta-pkgslaas-minnie-20131022Minnie Software
develmkdep-2.7r1Automated make(1) dependency generation
localizationmocap-genom-1.3GenoM module exporting raw motion capture data
robotsmor-genom-0.1r1Neobotix/MOR/LAAS locomotion module - Genom component
robotsmor-libs-0.1r1interface library for the neobotix MOR platform
simulationmorse-yarp-1.2.13D simulator for robotics (YARP bindings)
simulationmorse-1.2.13D simulator for robotics
hardwaremouse3d-genom-1.2GenoM module that exports 3DConnexion mouse data
hardwaremoxa-kmod- driver for the MOXA Smartio multiport serial cards
localizationMTI-genom-0.4r1GenoM module for MTI management
hardwareMTI-0.6Driver and interface for MTI
robotsnao-robot-0.2.2r1Base ROS support for the Nao robot
middlewarenaoqi-1.14.5Aldebaran middleware for the Nao robot
pathndd-genom-1.0Dynamic obstacle avoidance module
robotsneobotix-libs-1.1Interface library for the neobotix platform
netnetshring-1.2Networked FIFOs
imageniut-genom-0.6GenoM module for the NITE user tracker from PrimeSense
mappingoctomap-1.6.1An Efficient Probabilistic 3D Mapping Framework Based on Octrees
localizationodokit-1.0Library to manipulate odometry data
audioogi-voice_as_diphone-2.3American female diphone voice for Festival
audioOGIlexicon-2.2American English pronunciation lexicon
middlewareomniORBpy-3.1r3Robust high-performance CORBA ORB for Python
middlewareomniORB-4.1.4r2ORB that implements the 2.6 specification of the CORBA
imageopencv-2.4.8Open Source Computer Vision
imageopenni-nite- OpenNI nite binary blob
hardwareopenni-sensor- OpenNI Sensor Engine
middlewareopenni2-2.2beta2r1Primesense OpenNI framework for Natural Interaction
middlewareopenni- OpenNI framework for Natural Interaction
supervisionopenprs-1.1b10Open Source Procedural Reasoning System
middlewareopenrtm-aist-0.4.2r2Open Robot Technology Middleware from AIST.
graphicsopenvrml-libs-0.18.9A free VRML/X3D runtime
knowledgeoro-server-0.8.1Cognitive kernel for robotics
motionorocos-kdl-1.3.0Rigid body kinematics calculations
develorocos-log4cpp-2.6.0r1A C++ logging library, with real-time support
architectureorocos-ocl-2.6.0r2The Orocos Component Library
middlewareorocos-rtt-2.6.0r6The Orocos Real-Time Toolkit
meta-pkgsorocos-toolchain-2.6.0The Open Robot Control Software -- toolchain part
pathp3d-genom-1.5r1Local path planning - GenoM component
hardwarepa10-kmod-1.1r1Kernel driver for Mitsubishi PA10 Arm controller
hardwarepa10-libs-1.1.2libraries for Mitsubishi PA10 Arm controller
archiverspax-20080110POSIX standard archiver with many extensions
hardwarepeak-linux-driver-7.9Software Interface for PEAK-System CAN-Hardware.
knowledgepellet-2.3.0Open source reasoner for OWL 2 DL in Java
wwwpicoweb-1.3Dedicated HTTP server for GenoM modules.
scriptspilo-demo-0.1Demo application using pilo, locoDemo, Gdhe and picoweb
motionpilo-genom-1.2r1Planar trajectory execution module - Genom component
pkgtoolspkg-config-0.23System for managing library compile/link flags
pkgtoolspkgin-0.6.4r1Apt / yum like tool for managing pkgsrc binary packages
pkgtoolspkgrepo2deb-0.9.20130919Convert robotpkg binary packages to debian packages
pkgtoolspkg_install-20110805.7Package management and administration tools for robotpkg
hardwareplatine-genom-0.5GenoM module for platine management.
robotsplay-genom-0.1Genom module to control a Pioneer P2DX using player
robotsplayer20-libs-2.0.5r2Cross-platform robot device interface @PKGS@ server
middlewarepocolibs-2.14Real-time communication library used by GenoM modules.
localizationpom-genom-0.7GenoM module for localization management.
graphicspqp-1.3r3A Proximity Query Package
graphicsprimitiveShapes-libs-1.1Efficient RANSAC for Point-Cloud Shape Detection
sysutilspy27-aafigure-0.5ASCII art to image converter
sysutilspy27-catkin-pkg-0.2.4ROS standalone library for the catkin package
motionpy27-dynamic-graph-2.5.5Python bindings for motion/dynamic-graph package
motionpy27-orocos-kdl-1.3.0r1Python bindings for orocos-kdl
knowledgepy27-oro-1.0.1Python bindings for knowledge/oro-server
netpy27-poco-1.5Python bindings for the tclserv protocol
sysutilspy27-rosdep-0.10.30ROS system dependencies download and installation
sysutilspy27-rosdistro-0.3.5ROS tool for managing ROS distributions and packages
sysutilspy27-rospkg-1.0.29r1ROS basic utilities for querying stacks information
develpy27-simpleparse-2.1.1a2r1Python simple and fast parser generator
motionpy27-sot-tools-1.0.0Python tools for motion/sot-core package
middlewarepy27-yarp-2.3.22r1Python bindings for YARP
langpython31-3.1.5r1Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
langpython32-3.2.2r1Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
langpython33-3.3.5r4Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
robotsqarm-genom-1.1Control PA10-6C Mitsubishi arm in C-space
pkgtoolsrbulkit-20140220Helper scripts for robotpkg bulk builds
graphicsrcpdf-interface-0.2r2Robot Contact Point Description Format interfaces
graphicsrcpdf-0.2r2Robot Contact Point Description Format interfaces
mappingregionMap-genom-0.4Traversability Map Construction - GenoM component
mappingregionMap-lib-0.4r3Traversability Map lib
robotsrflex-genom-0.3r1GenoM module for rFlex management.
robotsrflexclients-2.0Driver and interface for iRobot rFlex
robotsrmp-libs-0.4Interface library for the Segway RMP400 platform
robotsrmp400-genom-0.10GenoM interface module for the Segway RMP400
robotsrmp440-genom-0.5r1GenoM interface module for the Segway RMP440
robotsrmp440-libs-0.4Interface library for the Segway RMP440 platform
optimizationroboptim-core-cfsqp-plugin-0.4CFSQP solver back-end for roboptim-core
optimizationroboptim-core-ipopt-plugin-0.2plug-in linking ipopt to roboptim-core
optimizationroboptim-core-1.0r2Optimization for robotics: common API to various solvers
optimizationroboptim-trajectory-1.0r1Optimization for robotics: trajectory optimization
pkgtoolsrobotpkgdb-20140902A database of all packages included in robotpkg
pkgtoolsrobotpkg_chk-1.1Check installed packages versions against robotpkg
docrobotpkg-guide-20140902A guide to robotpkg
middlewareros-actionlib-1.11.2ROS standardized interface for preemptable tasks
mathros-angles-1.9.9ROS simple math utilities to work with angles
meta-pkgsros-base-1.11The Robotic Operating System - Bare bones
develros-bond-core-1.7.14ROS process termination detection
develros-catkin-0.6.9ROS low-level build system macros and infrastructure
develros-class-loader-0.3.0ROS package for dynamically loading C++ classes at runtime
develros-cmake-modules-0.3.1ROS cmake modules commonly used by ROS packages
interfacesros-comm-msgs-1.10.2ROS standard messages definition
interfacesros-common-msgs-1.11.4ROS common messages definition
middlewareros-comm-1.11.8ROS communications-related libraries and tools
sysutilsros-console-bridge-0.4.2ROS logging from console_bridge to rosconsole
graphicsros-convex-decomposition-0.1.9ROS convex mesh generation library
meta-pkgsros-desktop-1.11The Robotic Operating System - Desktop set
sysutilsros-diagnostics-1.8.5ROS gathering, viewing, and analyzing diagnostics data from robots
hardwareros-driver-common-1.6.8ROS deprecated common resources for drivers in ROS
middlewareros-dynamic-reconfigure-1.5.37ROS runtime parameter configuration
mathros-eigen-stl-containers-0.1.4ROS typedefs for using eigen datatypes in STL containers
supervisionros-executive-smach-2.0.0ROS procedural python-based task execution framework
develros-filters-1.7.4ROS interface for processing data as a sequence of filters
langros-gencpp-0.5.2ROS C++ code generator for ROS .msg format
langros-genlisp-0.4.14ROS lisp code generator for ROS .msg format
middlewareros-genmsg-0.5.3ROS code generator for ROS .msg format
langros-genpy-0.5.3ROS python code generator for ROS .msg format
graphicsros-geometric-shapes-0.4.1ROS generic definitions of geometric shapes and bodies
mathros-geometry-experimental-0.5.5ROS second generation transform library
mathros-geometry-1.11.3ROS geometry library (including TF frame management)
interfacesros-humanoid-msgs-0.3.0ROS messages and services for humaoid robots
imageros-image-common-1.11.3ROS common code for working with images
graphicsros-ivcon-0.1.4ROS mesh conversion utility
develros-lint-0.9.2ROS CMake lint commands
langros-message-generation-0.2.10ROS build-time dependency for language bindings of messages
langros-message-runtime-0.4.12ROS run-time dependency for language bindings of messages
develros-nodelet-core-1.9.0ROS zero copy transport inside a process
motionros-orocos-kdl-1.3.0ROS package wrapper for Kinematics and Dynamics Library
develros-pluginlib-1.10.0ROS tools for dynamically loading plugins
graphicsros-python-qt-binding-0.2.14ROS python bindings for Qt
graphicsros-qt-gui-core-0.2.25ROS infrastructure for Qt based GUI
mathros-random-numbers-0.2.0ROS wrappers for generating random floating point values
netros-resource-retriever-1.11.5ROS API to retrieve data from url-format files
graphicsros-robot-model-1.11.5ROS robot modeling in Xml Robot Description Format (URDF)
localizationros-robot-state-publisher-1.10.3ROS publish the state of a robot
meta-pkgsros-robot-1.11The Robotic Operating System - robot variant
develros-roscpp-core-0.5.4ROS underlying data libraries for roscpp messages
sysutilsros-rospack-2.2.4ROS command-line tool for retriving package information
develros-ros-1.11.4ROS packaging system
graphicsros-rqt-common-plugins-0.3.8ROS backend graphical tools suite
graphicsros-rqt-0.2.14ROS Qt-based framework for GUI development
graphicsros-shape-tools-0.2.1ROS tools for operating on shape messages
graphicsros-srdfdom-0.2.7ROS parser for Semantic Robot Description Format (SRDF)
interfacesros-std-msgs-0.5.9ROS standard messages definition
imageros-vision-opencv-1.11.4ROS interface with OpenCV
develros-xacro-1.9.2ROS XML macro language
hardwaresahand-genom-1.1Schunk Antropomorphic Hand control module - Genom componenent
hardwaresahand-kmod-2008.01.10Schunk Antropomorphic Hand Linux driver
hardwaresahand-libs-08.08.14r1Schunk Antropomorphic Hand API
robotsscout-genom-0.1GenoM module for Nomadic SuperScouts management.
mappingsegkit-1.0Library to manipulate laser data
localizationsegloc-genom-0.3GenoM module for localization on a map generated by laser point
mathsensFusion-libs-1.3Sensor Fusion Library
hardwareserial-1.1Driver and interface for serial ports
hardwaresick-genom-0.2GenoM module for sick management.
hardwaresickLib-1.1.0Driver and interface for sick interface
imagesift-1.1.2r1C implementation of a SIFT image feature detector
motionsoftMotion-libs-3.12SoftMotion Planner Library
motionsot-core-2.9.0r4Hierarchical task based control of humanoid robots
motionsot-dynamic-2.9.1Create entities to compute a robot dynamics properties
robotssot-openhrp-2.5.1hrpsys plugin for the stack of tasks
motionsot-pattern-generator-2.8.0Walking Pattern Generator
audiospeett-genom-1.0Speech recognition engine based on Sphinx2 - GenoM module
audiosphinx2-0.6Carnegie Mellon University's speech recognition engine.
imagestereopixel-genom-1.3Stereo-vision by pixel correlation - GenoM component
graphicssun-java3d-1.5.1Sun Java 3D(TM) API
langsun-jdk- Java(tm) SE development kit
develswig-2.0.4Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
mathlibt3d-2.63d transformations, matrices and vector package.
nettclpcap-2.0.0Tcl interface to libpcap
nettclserv-2.8.1Request and poster server for pocolibs GenoM modules
audiotextos-genom-1.0.2Festival Speech Synthesis system - GenoM module
pkgtoolstnftp-20130505The enhanced FTP client in NetBSD
graphicsTogl-2.0a Tk OpenGL widget
supervisiontransgen-1.1b1Glue between Genom modules and OpenPRS.
sysutilstth-4.05TeX to HTML translator
mathtvmet-1.7.2Tiny Vector and Matrix Template library.
graphicsurdfdom-headers-0.2.3The URDF (U-Robot Description Format) headers
graphicsurdfdom-0.2.8The URDF (U-Robot Description Format) library
pkgtoolsurl2robotpkg-2.7Tool to automate initial steps in building a package
graphicsvcglib-20100824C++ templated library for mesh manipulation
hardwarevelodyne-genom-1.5GenoM module for Velodyne-HDL{32,64} LiDAR data acquisition
hardwarevelodyne-libs-0.7interface library for the Velodyne Lidar sensor
imageviam-dc1394-driver-1.12Versatile Image Acquisition Module - Libraries
imageviam-genom-1.10Versatile Image Acquisition Module - GenoM component
imageviam-libs-1.12Versatile Image Acquisition Module - Libraries
imageviam-v4l-driver-1.12Versatile Image Acquisition Module - Libraries
imageviman-genom-1.6Pattern-based marker detection and localization
imagevisp-2.6.1r1The Visual Servoing Platform
mappingworldmodelgrid3dg-genom-1.0Probabilistic, 3D occupancy grid building - GenoM component
mappingworldmodelgrid3d-1.0Probabilistic, 3D occupancy grid building
manipulationxarm-genom-1.4r2Controls a 6DOF arm in cartesian space.
sysutilsy2l-1.0Yacc to LaTeX translator
develyaml-cpp-0.3.0YAML parser and emitter for C++
middlewareyarp-2.3.22Yet Another Robot Platform
netzeromq-2.0.10Small and fast socket communication library
archiverszlib-1.2.3General purpose data compression library
mappingzone-genom-1.1GenoM module managing zones in a map