robotpkg/wip (work in progress) is a subset of robotpkg used by people actively involved in creating packages or testing new releases of packages. robotpkg/wip contains a set a packages that are likely not to install smoothly or not even compile and that do require more work before final integration into robotpkg.

Getting robotpkg/wip

Assuming you have a robotpkg checkout (see this page) in ${HOME}/robotpkg and you're currently in your home directory, do the following:
# cd robotpkg
# git clone git:// wip
or, if you are behind a firewall that does filter the git:// protocol:
# git clone wip
You should now have a "wip" subdirectory along with other regular robotpkg directories. Note: if you intend to commit in wip, you have to checkout with ssh instead of git or http and you need an account on the server hosting the git repository.

Compiling packages in robotpkg-wip

As with robotpkg, just "cd" to the package directory your are interested in, and the usual "make" targets are available. In particular, "make update" will attempt to build and install the package.

Getting involved

robotpkg/wip is meant for providing a testbed for new packages before they are imported in robotpkg. Commits in this repository are allowed for anyone requesting a commit access to Packages committed there needs not to be reviewed beforehand, so this is the preferred and easiest way to contribute to new packages.