The quick setup guide for robotpkg


You can checkout the latest sources using git:

% git clone git://
or, if you are behind a firewall that does filter the git:// protocol:
% git clone


First, make sure that you have the gnu-make software available on your system (version 3.81 or later required), as well as a working C compiler chain.

After downloading the sources, you need to choose where the packages will be installed. By default, robotpkg uses the /opt/openrobots prefix. If this location is convenient for you, installing the bootstrap kit should be as simple as:

% cd robotpkg/bootstrap
% ./bootstrap


Configuring robotpkg

robotpkg has only one configuration file, located in the installation prefix in the etc/robotpkg.conf directory. The file contains a lot of comments that explain the the most useful configuration directives.

You don't have to configure anything for robotpkg to work, i.e. the default settings are fine for a standard usage.

Building packages

Before installing your first package, robotpkg must have been boostraped (see above). Once bootstraping is done, installing a package can be done by changing to the directory (in the robotpkg hierarchy) of the package to be installed and doing make update:

% cd robotpkg/category-name/package-name
% make update

Some packages provide configuration options. You can always review the available options for a package by using the make show-options command. The command will also display the necessary instructions for configuring a given option.

% cd robotpkg/category-name/package-name
% make show-options

A more extensive and largely incomplete (!) documentation is also available online, or as a package in the doc/robotpkg directory of robotpkg.

Keeping up-to-date

robotpkg is a living thing, and updates to the packages are made perdiodicaly. In order to get the most recent packages, you should keep your robotpkg copy up-to-date by regularly running "git pull" in it.

If you want to be informed of package additions and updates, a mailing list is available for your reading pleasure. Go to for more information, archives and subscription.