Path planning algorithms and tools
aspect-genom-0.1Aspect map on the base of laser data
hpp-affordance-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (Extract Whole-Body Affordances for Mutli-Contact Planning.)
hpp-constraints-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (Define non-linear constraints on robot configurations)
hpp-core-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (Basic classes for general path planning)
hpp-fcl-2.4.4Humanoid Path Planner (collision detection and distance computations)
hpp-manipulation-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (Manipulation problem definition and resolution)
hpp-manipulation-urdf-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (URDF/SRDF parser for the package hpp-manipulation)
hpp-statistics-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (Tools to make statistics)
hpp-util-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (utility tools)
jrl-walkgen-3.2.0Walk pattern generator for the HRP-2 humanoid robot.
libkdtp-1.3Spline-based Kinodynamic Trajectory Planner
libp3d-1.4r2Local 3D path planning on a digital elevation map
maneuver-genom3-2.1.1Simple maneuver planner for aerial robots
ndd-genom-1.0Dynamic obstacle avoidance module
p3d-genom-1.5r2Local path planning - GenoM component
py38-hpp-affordance-corba-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (Extract Whole-Body Affordances for Mutli-Contact Planning (CORBA bindings))
py38-hpp-bezier-com-traj-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (trajectory generation for the COM with bezier curves)
py38-hpp-centroidal-dynamics-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (testing equilibrium)
py38-hpp-corbaserver-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (Corba server for Humanoid Path Planner)
py38-hpp-fcl-2.4.4r1Humanoid Path Planner (collision detection and distance computations (python bindingss))
py38-hpp-manipulation-corba-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (CORBA interface for hpp-manipulation)