Computer graphics tools
assimp-3.0.1270Portable library to import various well-known 3D model formats
coldman-genom-1.3r1Display collision detection information
coldman-libs-1.4COLision Detection for MANipulation
collada-dom-2.4.0r1C++ object representation of a COLLADA XML instance document
flann-1.7.1r1Fast approximate nearest neighbor search for high dimension
gdhe-3.8.53D Visualization tools
gerard-bauzil-1.2.0Data files for the LAAS Gerard Bauzil environment
grh2-2.1r32D graphical interface for Hilare 2 robots
jafar-gdhe-0.1r3Jafar module to talk to a GDHE server
laaswm-1.2Remotely controllable window manager based on evilwm
laaswm-libs-1.2Library allowing to control windows in laaswm
openscenegraph-3.6.5r3open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit
openvrml-libs-0.18.9A free VRML/X3D runtime
pqp-1.3r3A Proximity Query Package
primitiveShapes-libs-1.1Efficient RANSAC for Point-Cloud Shape Detection
py38-pythonqt-3.5.1Dynamic Python binding for Qt Applications
py38-qt5-gepetto-viewer-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (Simple viewer based on OpenSceneGraph)
py38-qt5-gepetto-viewer-corba-5.8.0Humanoid Path Planner (Corba server for gepetto-viewer)
py38-qt5-hpp-gepetto-viewer-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (Bridge between hpp-corbaserver and gepetto-viewer-corba)
py38-qt5-hpp-gui-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (Graphical interface for HPP)
py38-qt5-hpp-plot-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (Plotting tools for hpp)
qt5-osgqt-3.5.7r3open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit
qt5-qgv-1.3.5Interactive Qt graphViz display
robot-capsule-urdf-1.0.1r2Provides capsule description of the robots
ros-convex-decomposition-0.1.12ROS convex mesh generation library
ros-geometric-shapes-0.6.0r1ROS generic definitions of geometric shapes and bodies
ros-interactive-markers-1.11.4ROS interactive marker library for RViz and similar visualizers
ros-ivcon-0.1.7ROS mesh conversion utility
ros-kdl-parser-1.13.1r2ROS tool to build a KDL tree from an URDF robot model
ros-python-qt-binding-0.3.6ROS python bindings for Qt
ros-qt-gui-core-0.4.2ROS infrastructure for Qt based GUI
ros-rqt-0.5.0r1ROS Qt-based framework for GUI development
ros-rqt-common-plugins-0.4.8ROS backend graphical tools suite
ros-urdf-1.13.1ROS C++ parser for the Unified Robot Description Format (URDF)
simple-humanoid-description-1.2.0Rigid body model of a simple humanoid robot.
sun-java3d-1.5.1Sun Java 3D(TM) API
Togl-2.0a Tk OpenGL widget
urdfdom-1.0.3The URDF (U-Robot Description Format) library
urdfdom-headers-1.0.4The URDF (U-Robot Description Format) headers
vcglib-20100824C++ templated library for mesh manipulation