alog-0.5a simple log data viewing tool
arduio-1.2Remote control I/Os of an Arduino board
arduio-genom3-1.3Control an Arduino board running the arduio software
console-bridge-0.2.7Logging for ROS-independent applications
interceptty-0.6Serial port redirector
py27-aafigure-0.5ASCII art to image converter
py27-catkin-pkg-0.2.4ROS standalone library for the catkin package
py27-rosdep-0.10.30ROS system dependencies download and installation
py27-rosdistro-0.3.5ROS tool for managing ROS distributions and packages
py27-rospkg-1.0.29r1ROS basic utilities for querying stacks information
ros-console-bridge-0.4.2ROS logging from console_bridge to rosconsole
ros-diagnostics-1.8.5ROS gathering, viewing, and analyzing diagnostics data from robots
ros-rospack-2.2.4ROS command-line tool for retriving package information
ros-rviz-1.11.10ROS 3D visualization tool
tk3-flash-1.3.1Programming utility for Mikrokopter hardware
tth-4.09TeX to HTML translator
y2l-1.0Yacc to LaTeX translator