Networking tools
evart-client-2.2EVa Real-Time Software data streaming API.
evart-stream-2.1EVa Real-Time Software data streaming server.
genomix-1.7.3HTTP server for controlling GenoM3 components
libfetch-2.39.1Library to access HTTP/FTP server
libtclserv_client-0.5r1Run-time for GeNoM module tclserv client
netshring-1.2Networked FIFOs
py27-poco-1.5Python bindings for the tclserv protocol
ros-resource-retriever-1.12.4ROS API to retrieve data from url-format files
rosix-1.2HTTP server for controlling ros nodes
tclpcap-2.0.0Tcl interface to libpcap
tclserv-2.8.2Request and poster server for pocolibs GenoM modules