boost-numeric-bindings-20101109C++ bindings for LAPACK and BLAS libraries.
boost-numeric-bindings-v1-20100322C++ bindings for LAPACK and BLAS libraries.
eigen-quadprog-1.0.1r1QuadProg QP solver using the Eigen3 library
eigen2-2.0.15a C++ template library for linear algebra
eigen3-3.3.0a C++ template library for linear algebra
eiquadprog-1.2.8algorithm of Goldfarb and Idnani for the solution of a QP
gbM-0.11Geometry for 6R arms
geometric-tools-5p7r1Geometric tools for mathematics, physics, graphics, imagics
hpp-pinocchio-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (Wrapping of the kinematic/dynamic chain Pinocchio for HPP.)
hrp2-dynamics-1.5.3Optimized implementation of functions related to HRP-2 dynamics.
jafar-jmath-0.5Jafar mathematical tools (vector, matrix, random number ...)
jrl-dynamics-1.25.0r1JRL-Japan implementation of dynamic robot.
jrl-dynamics-urdf-2.2.0r5JRL-Japan implementation of dynamic robot
jrl-mathtools-1.5.2r3Basic mathematical tools used in the JRL software
lapack-3.7.0r1Linear Algebra PACKage.
libccd-2.0collision detection
liblbfgs-1.10Solver for unconstrainted minimization problems
meschach-1.2bLibrary of C Routines for Matrix Computations
ndcurves-1.4.1Library for creating curves
pinocchio-2.7.0Efficient rigid body dynamics
py38-eigenpy-3.5.0Eigen bindings to python
py38-ndcurves-1.4.1Library for creating curves (python bindings)
py38-pinocchio-2.7.0Efficient rigid body dynamics (python bindings)
py38-quadprog-0.1.6r1Solve a strictly convex quadratic program
ros-angles-1.9.11ROS simple math utilities to work with angles
ros-eigen-stl-containers-0.1.8ROS typedefs for using eigen datatypes in STL containers
ros-geometry-1.12.0r1ROS geometry library (including TF frame management)
ros-geometry2-0.6.5r2ROS packages for keeping track of coordinate transforms
ros-random-numbers-0.3.2ROS wrappers for generating random floating point values
sensFusion-libs-1.3Sensor Fusion Library
libt3d-2.63d transformations, matrices and vector package.
tvmet-1.7.2Tiny Vector and Matrix Template library.