Abstract programming interfaces
genBasic-genom-0.4r1Common simple data structures for GenoM modules
genHum-genom-1.1r1Common data structures for human models
genPos-genom-0.3r1Common position-related data structures for GenoM
abstract-robot-dynamics-1.20r1JRL abstract interface for dynamic robot model.
abstract-gik-task-2.7JRL abstract interface for generalized inverse kinematics tasks.
humanoid-nav-msgs-0.3.0ROS messages and services for humanoid robots
jrl-mal-1.19.6r1Matrix abstraction layer for boost or vnl.
openrobots-idl-1.6Common IDL interfaces for genom3 components
openrobots2-idl-2.2Common IDL interfaces for genom3 components
ros-comm-msgs-1.11.2r1ROS standard messages definition
ros-common-msgs-1.12.6ROS common messages definition
ros-control-msgs-1.4.0ROS base messages and actions useful for controlling robots
ros-navigation-msgs-1.13.0ROS messages commonly used in navigation packages
ros-std-msgs-0.5.11ROS standard messages definition
ros2-common-interfaces-4.2.1ROS2 common messages and services interface files
ros2-rcl-interfaces-1.2.0ROS2 messages and services used by the ROS client libraries.
ros2-rosidl-3.1.1ROS2 API and scripts to manipulate .msg/.srv/.action files.
ros2-rosidl-defaults-1.2.0ROS2 default rosidl runtime and generators.
ros2-rosidl-python-0.14.2ROS2 IDL support for python
ros2-rosidl-runtime-py-0.9.2ROS2 runtime for working with generated interfaces in Python
ros2-rosidl-typesupport-2.0.0ROS2 typesupport for messages and services
ros2-rosidl-typesupport-fastrtps-2.2.0ROS2 typesupport for fastrtps
ros2-test-interface-files-0.9.1ROS2 message definitions used for testing purposes.
ros2-unique-identifier-msgs-2.2.1ROS2 messages for universally unique identifiers.