Motion generation software
contlaw-1.0Control laws for wheeled robots with optional trailers
dynamic-graph-2.5.7Efficient data-flow C++ library for robotics
dynamic-graph-bridge-2.0.9r1Bridge between ROS and the dynamic-graph real-time control
dynamic-graph-bridge-msgs-0.2.0Dynamic graph bridge messages and services.
locoDemo-genom-1.5Demo/simulation locomotion module - Genom component
nhfc-genom3-1.5Near-hovering flight controller for rotorcrafts
orocos-kdl-1.4.0Rigid body kinematics calculations
pilo-genom-1.2r1Planar trajectory execution module - Genom component
py27-dynamic-graph-2.5.6r2Python bindings for motion/dynamic-graph package
py27-orocos-kdl-1.4.0Python bindings for orocos-kdl
py27-sot-tools-1.0.1Python tools for motion/sot-core package
ros-control-0.15.0ROS generic control loop feedback mechanism
ros-control-toolbox-1.16.0ROS modules that are useful across all controllers
ros-orocos-kinematics-dynamics-1.4.0ROS package wrapper for Kinematics and Dynamics Library
softMotion-libs-3.12SoftMotion Planner Library
sot-core-2.9.10Hierarchical task based control of humanoid robots
sot-dynamic-2.9.2Create entities to compute a robot dynamics properties
sot-pattern-generator-2.9.1Walking Pattern Generator
sot-romeo-1.1.0Generic "stack of tasks" library for the Romeo robot