Hardware drivers and low-level software
GPSNovatel-1.9r1Driver and interface for GPS Novatel
MTI-0.6Driver and interface for MTI
cwiid-0.6.00Tools for interfacing to the Nintendo Wiimote
daqflex-libs-0.1r1Interface library for MCC DAQFlex USB-201 ADC
dynamixel-genom3-2.2GenoM3 component controlling dynamixel motors
force-genom-1.1.1GenoM module for the JR3 90M31A force sensor management.
gbx-hokuyo-aist-2.0.0Gearbox Hokuyo AIST driver
gyro-libs-3.1r2Driver and interface for KVH FOG gyros
gyroKVH1000-1.4Driver and interface for gyroKVH1000
gyroKVH5000-1.4Driver and interface for gyroKVH5000
joystick-genom3-1.0Export joystick readings
libftdi-0.19interface to ftdi USB device devices
mouse3d-genom-1.2GenoM module that exports 3DConnexion mouse data
openni-sensor- OpenNI Sensor Engine
peak-linux-driver-7.15.2Software Interface for PEAK-System CAN-Hardware.
platine-genom-0.5GenoM module for platine management.
ros-driver-common-1.6.8ROS deprecated common resources for drivers in ROS
sahand-kmod-2008.01.10Schunk Antropomorphic Hand Linux driver
sahand-libs-08.08.14r1Schunk Antropomorphic Hand API
sahand-genom-1.1Schunk Antropomorphic Hand control module - Genom componenent
serial-1.1Driver and interface for serial ports
sickLib-1.1.0Driver and interface for sick interface
sick-genom-0.2GenoM module for sick management.
velodyne-genom-1.6GenoM module for Velodyne {16,32,64} LiDAR data acquisition
velodyne-libs-0.8r1interface library for the Velodyne Lidar sensor