Position estimation and localization
GPS-genom-1.7GenoM module for GPS management
MTI-genom-0.4r1GenoM module for MTI management
gps-genom3-1.6GPS driver component
gyro-genom-0.3r1GenoM module for gyro management
hueblob-genom-1.4GenoM module for simple object detection and localization
insitu-1.3Sensor location management library.
libpom-1.2Global robot position management library.
mocap-genom-1.3GenoM module exporting raw motion capture data
optitrack-genom3-2.3.1Export motion capture data from an Optitrack system
odokit-1.0Library to manipulate odometry data
pom-genom-0.7GenoM module for localization management.
pom-genom3-3.5State estimation combining multiple independent sources
ros-joint-state-publisher-1.12.13ROS node publishing joint state values for a given URDF
ros-robot-state-publisher-1.13.6r2ROS publish the state of a robot
segloc-genom-0.3GenoM module for localization on a map generated by laser point
xsensmvn-genom3-1.0Export motion capture data from XSens MVN software