Optimization tools
acado-1.2.2beta.20160615Algorithms for automatic control and dynamic optimization
ipopt-3.6.1Interior Point OPTimizer, pronounced I-P-Opt
py27-crocoddyl-1.6.0Optimal control library for robot under contact sequence
py27-tsid-1.6.0Efficient Inverse Dynamics (python bindings)
qpoases-3.2.1r1C++ implementation of the online active set strategy
roboptim-core-3.1r1Optimization for robotics: common API to various solvers
roboptim-core-ipopt-plugin-0.2plug-in linking ipopt to roboptim-core
roboptim-trajectory-3.1r1Optimization for robotics: trajectory optimization
tsid-1.6.0Efficient Inverse Dynamics based on Pinocchio