Middleware tools and libraries
ace-6.5.12r1The ADAPTATIVE Communication Environment ACE(tm)
fastcdr-1.1.1C++ serialization library.
fastrtps-2.11.2Implementation of the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard.
hpp-template-corba-5.0.0Humanoid Path Planner (Template CORBA servers for HPP)
mavlink1-1.0.12Micro Air Vehicle Message Marshalling Library
naoqi- middleware for the Nao robot
omniORB-4.2.4ORB that implements the 2.6 specification of the CORBA
openni- OpenNI framework for Natural Interaction
openni2-2.2beta2r1Primesense OpenNI framework for Natural Interaction
openrtm-aist-1.1.1r2Open Robot Technology Middleware from AIST.
orocos-rtt-2.9.1The Orocos Real-Time Toolkit
pocolibs-3.1Real-time communication library used by GenoM modules.
py38-omniORBpy-4.2.4Robust high-performance CORBA ORB for Python
py38-yarp-3.4.1Python bindings for YARP
ros-actionlib-1.12.0r1ROS standardized interface for preemptable tasks
ros-comm-1.14.11r3ROS communications-related libraries and tools
ros-dynamic-reconfigure-1.5.49r1ROS runtime parameter configuration
ros-genmsg-0.5.11ROS code generator for ROS .msg format
ros2-rmw-7.2.1ROS2 middleware interface.
ros2-rmw-dds-common-2.1.0ROS2 C++ utilities for DDS-based middlewares
ros2-rmw-fastrtps-7.4.0ROS2 Middleware interface using Fast RTPS
ros2-rmw-implementation-2.8.1ROS2 CMake infrastructure and dependencies for middlewares.
sros2-0.10.4ROS2 tools to generate and distribute security keys
yarp-3.4.1Yet Another Robot Platform