Image processing utlities
artoolkitplus-2.1.1r4Physical markers localization in real time
coriander-2.0.1Graphical user interface for controlling FireWire cameras
jafar-correl-0.3Jafar image correlation functions
jafar-image-2.3Jafar basic image processing based on OpenCV
libdc1394_1-1.2.1Programming interface to control IEEE 1394 based cameras
libdc1394-2.1.2Programming interface to control IEEE 1394 based cameras
libimages3d-3.4r3Three dimensional image definition
libraw1394-2.0.4Provide access to the raw IEEE1394 bus
libstereopixel-1.5Stereo-vision by pixel correlation
niut-genom-0.6GenoM module for the NITE user tracker from PrimeSense
opencv2- Source Computer Vision
opencv3-3.4.3r1Open Source Computer Vision
opencv4-4.7.0Open Source Computer Vision
openni-nite- OpenNI nite binary blob
ros-image-common-1.11.13ROS common code for working with images
ros-vision-opencv-1.13.0ROS interface with OpenCV
sift-1.1.2r1C implementation of a SIFT image feature detector
stereopixel-genom-1.3Stereo-vision by pixel correlation - GenoM component
viam-dc1394-driver-1.12Versatile Image Acquisition Module - Libraries
viam-libs-1.12r1Versatile Image Acquisition Module - Libraries
viam-genom-1.10Versatile Image Acquisition Module - GenoM component
viam-v4l-driver-1.12Versatile Image Acquisition Module - Libraries
viman-genom-1.6Pattern-based marker detection and localization
visp-3.3.0r2Visual Servoing Platform