Collections of other packages
gearbox-10.11Opensource, peer-reviewed, robotic software tools (meta package)
hpp-20180711Meta-package for the Humanoid Path Planner
jafar-20130522Jafar is A Framework for Algorithms development in Robotics
laas-mana-20120223Mana Software
laas-minnie-20131022Minnie Software
orocos-toolchain-2.9.1The Open Robot Control Software -- toolchain part
ros-base-1.4.1The Robotic Operating System - Bare bones
ros-desktop-1.4.1The Robotic Operating System - Desktop set
ros-robot-1.4.1The Robotic Operating System - robot variant
ros2-core-0.9.3The Robotic Operating System 2 - core concepts.