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OpenPRS is an open source version of PRS (Procedural Reasoning Systems) / Propice. It is based on C-PRS and Propice... which were themselves inspired from the Lisp PRS originaly developped at SRI International. PRS has been used for a wide variety of application, from Mobile robot execution control to Space Shuttle operational procedure execution. If you have not idea at all what it is doing... well, you should probably just stop here and look at other fun open source tools. It has been written and is maintained by Felix Ingrand and is now made available under a BSD-style license. OpenPRS is used as a "Procedural Executive" in the LAAS Architecture (see my publications page for references and papers describing this). To make this "integration" seamless and painless, we have developped a tool (TransGen) which allows to connect OpenPRS to modules defined with GenoM. As soon as I have ported TransGen to OpenPRS (for now it works with Propice), I will make it available here.
Run dependencies:
bibtex>=0.99, libX11>=1, libXt>=1, libtool-ltdl>=1.5.22, motif, readline>=5, xproto>=1
Build dependencies:
bison, digest>=20080510, flex>=2.5.33, gcc>=3, gm4>=1.4, libtool>=1.5.22, patch>=2.0, pax, pdflatex, pkg-config>=0.22, pkg_install>=20110805.12, tex-alpha, tex-graphicx, tex-hyperref, tex-index, tex-verbatim, tnftp>=20130505~ssl
General options:
Produce debugging information for binary programs
Use yacc in place of bison
c-compiler alternatives:
Use the GNU C compiler
Use the LLVM C compiler
Use ccache and the GNU C compiler
Use ccache and the LLVM C compiler