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This library had originally been written by Simon Lacroix in August. 97 (as a calife library - hence the comments in french), and has been cleaned and "autotoolized" by Anthony Mallet in August 2006. It defines a structure ("DATA_IM3D") of 3D points data ("DATA_PT3D"), that contains 3D points expressed either in cartesian, cylindric of spheric coordinates systems. The structure can also embed normal and variances informations, and various functions to manipulate the image and point structures are provided. WHAT'S IN THE FILES: imalloc.c : creation, initialization and destruction of DATA_IM3D ptalloc.c : creation, initialization and destruction of DATA_PT3D io.c : file input/output functions imutil.c : various functions on a DATA_IM3D (compute the bounds on coordinates, subsamples a DATA_IM3D, frame transformation...) iminfo.c : prints information on a DATA_IM3D ptinfo.c : prints information on a given 3D point of a DATA_IM3D ptutil.c : various functions on a 3D point coords.c : conversions between the cartesian, cylindric of spheric coordinates systems delaunay.c : computes a delaunay triangulation of a DATA_IM3D mesh.c : triangulates a DATA_IM3D, filters the resulting mesh and writes an "OFF" file. OTHER MISC INFOS (to be completed): - All the angles are of course manipulated in radians in the code, and are printed in degrees on the screen ("info" functions). - sizeof (DATA_PT3D) : 28 bytes without the normal and variances information, 64 byte with these information.
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