Carnegie Mellon University\'s speech recognition engine.
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Sphinx 2 is one of Carnegie Mellon University's open source large vocabulary, speaker-independent continuous speech recognition engine. The licensing terms for the Sphinx engines and tools are derived from BSD, and based, in particular, upon the license for the Apache web server. There is no restriction against commercial use or redistribution. Please see the LICENSE file for terms of use. The packages that the CMU Sphinx Group is releasing are a set of reasonably mature, world-class speech components that provide a basic level of technology to anyone interested in creating speech-using applications without the once-prohibitive initial investment cost in research and development; the same components are open to peer review by all researchers in the field, and are used for linguistic research as well. Note however that Sphinx is not a final product. Those with a certain level of expertise can achieve great results with the versions of Sphinx available here, but a naive user will certainly need further help. In other words, the software available here is not meant for users with no experience in speech, but for expert users.
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