Portable library to import various well-known 3D model formats
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ASSIMP is a library to load and process geometric scenes from various data formats. It is tailored at typical game scenarios by supporting a node hierarchy, static or skinned meshes, materials, bone animations and potential texture data. The library is *not* designed for speed, it is primarily useful for importing assets from various sources once and storing it in a engine-specific format for easy and fast every-day-loading. ASSIMP is also able to apply various post processing steps to the imported data such as conversion to indexed meshes, calculation of normals or tangents/bitangents or conversion from right-handed to left-handed coordinate systems. ASSIMP currently supports the following file formats (note that some loaders lack some features of their formats because some file formats contain data not supported by ASSIMP, some stuff would require so much conversion work that it has not been implemented yet and some (most ...) formats lack proper specifications): Collada ( *.dae;*.xml ) Biovision BVH ( *.bvh ) 3D Studio Max 3DS ( *.3ds ) 3D Studio Max ASE ( *.ase ) Wavefront Object ( *.obj ) Stanford Polygon Library ( *.ply ) AutoCAD DXF ( *.dxf ) 2 Neutral File Format ( *.nff ) Sense8 WorldToolkit ( *.nff ) Valve Model ( *.smd,*.vta ) 3 Quake I ( *.mdl ) Quake II ( *.md2 ) Quake III ( *.md3 ) RtCW ( *.mdc ) Doom 3 ( *.md5mesh;*.md5anim;*.md5camera ) DirectX X ( *.x ). Quick3D ( *.q3o;*q3s ). Raw Triangles ( *.raw ). AC3D ( *.ac ). Stereolithography ( *.stl ). Autodesk DXF ( *.dxf ). Irrlicht Mesh ( *.irrmesh;*.xml ). Irrlicht Scene ( *.irr;*.xml ). Object File Format ( *.off ). Terragen Terrain ( *.ter ) 3D GameStudio Model ( *.mdl ) 3D GameStudio Terrain ( *.hmp ) Ogre (*.mesh.xml, *.skeleton.xml, *.material)3 Milkshape 3D ( *.ms3d ) LightWave Model ( *.lwo ) LightWave Scene ( *.lws ) Modo Model ( *.lxo ) CharacterStudio Motion ( *.csm ) Stanford Ply ( *.ply ) TrueSpace ( *.cob, *.scn )
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boost-libs>=1.34.1, boost-libs>=1.34.1, boost-libs>=1.34.1, boost-libs>=1.34.1, libstdc++
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cmake>=2.6, digest>=20080510, g++>=3, gcc>=3, patch>=2.0, pkg_install>=20110805.12, tnftp>=20091122, unzip
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