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mg is a tiny, mostly public-domain emacs-like editor included in the base OpenBSD system. It is compatible with emacs because there shouldn't be any reason to learn more editor types than emacs or vi. I maintain mg, for reasons that not even I remember. The current version of mg is maintained as part of the OpenBSD source tree. I will endeavor to keep this -portable up-to-date with the OpenBSD sources. Origins mg was originally called MicroGNUEmacs, but the name was later changed (by request of Richard Stallman) since it had nothing whatsoever to do with the GNU project. History * Nov 16, 1986: First release to mod.sources, according to the README. * Mar 3, 1987: First Release: mg1a.tgz, via comp.sources.unix (Volume 8). (ISC mirror) * May 15, 1988: Second release, according to the README * May 26, 1988: The second release: mg2a.tgz, via comp.sources.misc (Volume 3) (UToronto mirror) * Jan 26, 1992: Charles Hedrick releases a Linux port of mg. This version later makes its way onto tsx-11, Infomagic, and various other Linux repositories. (mg.tar.Z) * Feb 25, 2000: First import into the OpenBSD tree. * April 1, 2007: A little April fools from yours truly: A working vi-mode for mg. Portable Mg By popular request (and because my fingers expect it), I have produced a portable version of mg. The portable version is based on the current version on the OpenBSD tree. I have tried make it portable to Linux, MacOS X / Darwin, and the other BSDs (basically, anything I use on a regular basis). Your mileage may vary. I'm not particularly interested in using autoconf. This is supposed to be a small, portable, public-domain editor. Loading it up with #ifdef and autogunk seems contrary to that intent. For now, I'll try to keep platform-specific gunk to os.[ch]. To build this port, change to the relevant directory and type "make". This port was based on initial work by Jason Wright. Other portability issues were discovered by Han Boetes. If you have patches, etc, feel free to send them in. The ground rules are: 1. Indentation, code style, and licences must follow what's in the file in question. 2. New files should be in the Public Domain. BSD or ISC licenses are accaptable where necessary for portability. GPL is not. If you want a GPLed emacs, USE EMACS. -- Kjell Wooding
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digest>=20080510, gcc>=3, patch>=2.0, pax, pkg_install>=20110805.9, tnftp>=20091122
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