robotpkg/math/py-pinocchio bulk build results

Log for py27-pinocchio-2.6.17 on CentOS-7-x86_64: bulk.log (Back)

=> Checking for clear installation ===> Installing bootstrap dependencies for py27-pinocchio-2.6.17 => Installing /opt/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/packages/bsd/CentOS-7-x86_64/All/digest-20080510.tgz => Installing /opt/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/packages/bsd/CentOS-7-x86_64/All/tnftp-20151004~ssl.tgz ===> Checking bootstrap dependencies for py27-pinocchio-2.6.17 => Required robotpkg package digest>=20080510: digest-20080510 found => Required robotpkg package tnftp>=20130505~ssl: tnftp-20151004~ssl found => Required system package gzip: gzip-1.5 found => Required system package patch>=2.0: patch-2.7.1 found => Required system package pax and tar archivers: pax found => Required system package pkg_install>=20110805.12: pkg_install-20110805.12 found ===> Done bootstrap-depends for py27-pinocchio-2.6.17 ===> Installing full dependencies for py27-pinocchio-2.6.17 => Required system package boost-headers>=1.55: MISSING => Required system package cmake>=3.1.0: MISSING => Dependency digest-20080510 already installed => Required robotpkg package hpp-fcl>=1.4: N/A => Installing /opt/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/packages/bsd/CentOS-7-x86_64/All/octomap-1.9.0.tgz => Required robotpkg package pinocchio>=2.6.17: N/A => Required robotpkg package py27-eigenpy>=2.7.10: N/A => Required robotpkg package py27-hpp-fcl>=1.2.0: N/A => Dependency tnftp-20151004~ssl already installed ERROR: ====================================================================== ERROR: Missing system packages required for py27-pinocchio-2.6.17: ERROR: ERROR: boost-headers>=1.55 (CentOS package boost-devel) ERROR: cmake>=3.1.0 ERROR: ERROR: Please use the system package management tool to install these ERROR: dependencies. If a robotpkg version of a dependency is available, ERROR: you can configure robotpkg.conf to use this version instead. ERROR: ERROR: See /local/robotpkg/var/tmp/robotpkg/math/py-pinocchio/work/sysdep.log for details. ERROR: ====================================================================== make[2]: *** [sys-depends] Error 2 ===> Deinstalling for py27-pinocchio Removed digest-20080510 Removed octomap-1.9.0 Removed tnftp-20151004~ssl