robotpkg/wip/sot-dyninv-v3 bulk build results

Log for sot-dyninv-v3-3.1.2r1 on NetBSD-8.0-x86_64: bulk.log (Back)

=> Checking for clear installation ===> Installing bootstrap dependencies for sot-dyninv-v3-3.1.2r1 => Installing /opt/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/packages/bsd/NetBSD-8.0-x86_64/All/digest-20080510.tgz => Installing /opt/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/packages/bsd/NetBSD-8.0-x86_64/All/tnftp-20130505~ssl.tgz ===> Checking bootstrap dependencies for sot-dyninv-v3-3.1.2r1 => Required robotpkg package digest>=20080510: digest-20080510 found => Required robotpkg package tnftp>=20091122: tnftp-20130505~ssl found => Required system package gzip: gzip-20150113 found => Required system package pax and tar archivers: pax found => Required system package pkg_install>=20110805.9: pkg_install-20110805.9 found ===> Done bootstrap-depends for sot-dyninv-v3-3.1.2r1 ===> Installing full dependencies for sot-dyninv-v3-3.1.2r1 => Dependency digest-20080510 already installed => Installing /opt/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/wip/packages/bsd/NetBSD-8.0-x86_64/All/sot-core-v3-4.6.0r1.tgz => Installing /opt/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/wip/packages/bsd/NetBSD-8.0-x86_64/All/soth-2.0.4.tgz => Dependency tnftp-20130505~ssl already installed ===> Checking build options for sot-dyninv-v3-3.1.2r1 => Building with no option. ===> Checking alternatives for sot-dyninv-v3-3.1.2r1 => Use the GNU C++ compiler: c++-compiler provided by g++>=3 => Use the GNU C compiler: c-compiler provided by gcc>=3 ===> Checking dependencies for sot-dyninv-v3-3.1.2r1 => Required system package cmake>=2.6: cmake-3.11.4 found => Required system package doxygen>=1.5: doxygen-1.8.13 found => Required system package g++>=3: g++-5.5.0 found => Required system package gcc>=3: gcc-5.5.0 found => Required system package libstdc++: libstdc++ found => Required system package pkg-config>=0.22: pkg-config-1.4.1 found => Required robotpkg package sot-core-v3>=4.1.0<5.0.0: sot-core-v3-4.6.0r1 found => Required robotpkg package soth>=2.0.0: soth-2.0.4 found ===> Done depends for sot-dyninv-v3-3.1.2r1 ===> Extracting for sot-dyninv-v3-3.1.2r1 => SHA1 checksums OK => RMD160 checksums OK tar: ustar vol 1, 516 files, 3399680 bytes read, 0 bytes written in 1 secs (3399680 bytes/sec) ===> Configuring for sot-dyninv-v3-3.1.2r1 CMake Error at /usr/pkg/share/cmake-3.11/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:418 (message): A required package was not found Call Stack (most recent call first): /usr/pkg/share/cmake-3.11/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:585 (_pkg_check_modules_internal) cmake/pkg-config.cmake:298 (PKG_CHECK_MODULES) cmake/pkg-config.cmake:510 (ADD_DEPENDENCY) CMakeLists.txt:48 (ADD_REQUIRED_DEPENDENCY) An unexpected error occured. The last 10 log lines are shown below. /local/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/mk/configure/ recipe for target 'do-configure-cmake' failed | Call Stack (most recent call first): | /usr/pkg/share/cmake-3.11/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:585 (_pkg_check_modules_internal) /local/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/mk/pkg/ recipe for target 'pkg-check-installed' failed | cmake/pkg-config.cmake:298 (PKG_CHECK_MODULES) | cmake/pkg-config.cmake:510 (ADD_DEPENDENCY) | CMakeLists.txt:48 (ADD_REQUIRED_DEPENDENCY) => Marking sot-dyninv-v3-3.1.2r1 as broken | | | -- Package 'eigen3', required by 'dynamic-graph', not found | -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! | See also "/local/robotpkg/var/tmp/robotpkg/wip/sot-dyninv-v3/work/sot-dyninv-3.1.2/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log". For details or bug reports, check the complete log file in: /local/robotpkg/var/tmp/robotpkg/wip/sot-dyninv-v3/work/configure.log gmake[3]: *** [do-configure-cmake] Error 1 gmake[2]: *** [pkg-check-installed] Error 2 ERROR: /usr/pkg/bin/gmake: *** [package] Error 2 ===> Deinstalling for sot-dyninv-v3 Removed digest-20080510 Removing dependency dynamic-graph-v3-3.7.3 Removing dependency hpp-fcl-1.1.3~doc Removing dependency octomap-1.9.0 Removing dependency pinocchio-2.1.9 Removing dependency urdfdom-1.0.3 Removing dependency Removed sot-core-v3-4.6.0r1 Removed soth-2.0.4 Removed tnftp-20130505~ssl