robotpkg/wip/pr2-pick-object bulk build results

Log for laas-pr2-pick-object on Fedora-27-x86_64: bulk.log (Back)

=> Checking for clear installation ===> Installing bootstrap dependencies for laas-pr2-pick-object ===> Checking bootstrap dependencies for laas-pr2-pick-object => Required system package gzip: gzip-1.8 found => Required system package pkg_install>=20110805.7: pkg_install-20110805.7 found ===> Done bootstrap-depends for laas-pr2-pick-object ===> Installing full dependencies for laas-pr2-pick-object => Required robotpkg package coldman-genom>=1.3: N/A => Installing eltclsh-1.16.tgz => Installing genHum-genom-1.1r1~openprs+tcl+tclserv_client.tgz A genom editing mode is available for xemacs users in /opt/openrobots/share/genom. In order to use it, you should add the following lines to your (x)emacs startup file: (setq load-path (cons "/opt/openrobots/share/genom" load-path)) (autoload 'genom-mode "genom-mode" "Genom-mode" t) (setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\.gen$" . genom-mode) auto-mode-alist)) => Dependency genom-2.12~doc already installed => Installing laaswm-1.2.tgz => Installing laaswm-libs-1.2.tgz => Installing libt3d-2.6~doc.tgz => Required robotpkg package mhp-genom>=3.15: N/A => Installing pom-genom-0.7~openprs+tcl+tclserv_client.tgz => Required robotpkg package pqp>=1.3r2: N/A => Installing softMotion-libs-3.12~tcl.tgz => Required robotpkg package spark-genom>=3.9: N/A => Required robotpkg package viman-genom>=1.4: N/A ===> Deinstalling for laas-pr2-pick Removing dependency libedit-3.1r20160903 Removing dependency Removed eltclsh-1.16 Removing dependency genom-2.12~doc Removing dependency libtclserv_client-0.5r1 Removing dependency pocolibs-2.16 Removing dependency tclserv-2.8.1 Removing dependency transgen-1.1b1 Removing dependency Removed genHum-genom-1.1r1~openprs+tcl+tclserv_client Removing dependency pocolibs-2.16 Removing dependency Removing dependency pom-genom-0.7~openprs+tcl+tclserv_client Removed genom-2.12~doc Removed laaswm-1.2 Removed laaswm-libs-1.2 Removed softMotion-libs-3.12~tcl