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Log for hrp2-dev-20171009 on Debian-8-x86_64: bulk.log (Back)

=> Checking for clear installation ===> Installing bootstrap dependencies for hrp2-dev-20171009 ===> Checking bootstrap dependencies for hrp2-dev-20171009 => Required system package gnupg>=1: gnupg-1.4.18 found => Required system package gzip: gzip-1.6 found => Required system package pkg_install>=20110805.9: pkg_install-20110805.9 found => Required system package pkgrepo2deb>=1.9: pkgrepo2deb-1.10 found ===> Done bootstrap-depends for hrp2-dev-20171009 ===> Installing full dependencies for hrp2-dev-20171009 => Installing /opt/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/wip/packages/bsd/Debian-8-x86_64/All/hrp2-14-description-1.0.5.tgz To use ros, the following environment variables must contain those values: ROS_MASTER_URI http://localhost:11311 ROS_PACKAGE_PATH /opt/openrobots/share PYTHONPATH /opt/openrobots/lib/python2.7/site-packages PATH /opt/openrobots/bin As an alternative to the above configuration, commands can be executed by using the `' wrapper. For instance, roscore can be started like so: /opt/openrobots/etc/ros/ roscore In Bourne shell scripts, the following file can be sourced instead: /opt/openrobots/etc/ros/ => Required robotpkg package openhrp3-hrp2>=1.0.0: N/A ===> Deinstalling for hrp2-dev Removing dependency py27-catkin-pkg-0.4.8 Removing dependency robot-capsule-urdf-1.0.1r2 Removing dependency py27-ros-catkin-0.7.16r1 Removing dependency ros-comm-1.14.4 Removing dependency ros-common-msgs-1.12.6 Removing dependency ros-std-msgs-0.5.11 Removing dependency ros-xacro-1.13.2 Removing dependency Removed hrp2-14-description-1.0.5