robotpkg/wip/FRILibrary bulk build results

Log for FRILibrary-1.2r1 on NetBSD-8.0-x86_64: bulk.log (Back)

=> Checking for clear installation ===> Installing bootstrap dependencies for FRILibrary-1.2r1 => Installing /opt/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/packages/bsd/NetBSD-8.0-x86_64/All/digest-20080510.tgz => Installing /opt/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/packages/bsd/NetBSD-8.0-x86_64/All/tnftp-20130505~ssl.tgz ===> Checking bootstrap dependencies for FRILibrary-1.2r1 => Required robotpkg package digest>=20080510: digest-20080510 found => Required robotpkg package tnftp>=20091122: tnftp-20130505~ssl found => Required system package gzip: gzip-20150113 found => Required system package patch>=2.0: patch-2.0128 found => Required system package pkg_install>=20110805.9: pkg_install-20110805.9 found => Required system package unzip: unzip found ===> Done bootstrap-depends for FRILibrary-1.2r1 ===> Installing full dependencies for FRILibrary-1.2r1 => Dependency digest-20080510 already installed => Dependency tnftp-20130505~ssl already installed ===> Checking build options for FRILibrary-1.2r1 => Building with no option. ===> Checking alternatives for FRILibrary-1.2r1 => Use the GNU C++ compiler: c++-compiler provided by g++>=3 ===> Checking dependencies for FRILibrary-1.2r1 => Required system package g++>=3: g++-5.5.0 found => Required system package A BSD-compatible install program: install-sh found => Required system package libstdc++: libstdc++ found => Required system package pax and tar archivers: pax found ===> Done depends for FRILibrary-1.2r1 ===> Extracting for FRILibrary-1.2r1 => SHA1 checksums OK => RMD160 checksums OK ===> Patching for FRILibrary-1.2r1 => Applying robotpkg patches for FRILibrary-1.2r1 ===> Building for FRILibrary-1.2r1 make[1]: illegal argument to -j -- must be positive integer! gmake: *** [ all_release_x64] Error 1 An unexpected error occured. The last 10 log lines are shown below. | UNZIP_CMD=/usr/bin/unzip | MAKECONF=/opt/robotpkg/etc/robotpkg-wip.conf | CPP=false | --- | Running set -e; | cd /local/robotpkg/var/tmp/robotpkg/wip/FRILibrary/work/FRILibrary && cd Linux && /usr/bin/env MAKELEVEL= MAKEOVERRIDES= MAKEFLAGS= MFLAGS= 'CPPFLAGS=-DPREFIX="/opt/openrobots"' 'CFLAGS=-pipe' 'LDFLAGS=' 'CXXFLAGS=-pipe -O3 -DNDEBUG' PREFIX='/opt/openrobots' HOME=/local/robotpkg/var/tmp/robotpkg/wip/FRILibrary/work PATH='/opt/openrobots/sbin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin' LD_LIBRARY_PATH='' LOCALBASE=/opt/openrobots PKGMANDIR=man /usr/pkg/bin/gmake -j4 -f Makefile all_"release"_x64; | Building release variant [__LINUX__, X64] | make -k do_all | make[1]: illegal argument to -j -- must be positive integer! | gmake: *** [ all_release_x64] Error 1 For details or bug reports, check the complete log file in: /local/robotpkg/var/tmp/robotpkg/wip/FRILibrary/work/build.log gmake[3]: *** [/local/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/mk/build/ do-build] Error 2 gmake[2]: *** [/local/robotpkg/var/lib/robotpkg/mk/pkg/ pkg-check-installed] Error 2 => Marking FRILibrary-1.2r1 as broken ERROR: /usr/pkg/bin/gmake: *** [package] Error 2 ===> Deinstalling for FRILibrary Removed digest-20080510 Removed tnftp-20130505~ssl